We have an incredible selection of wood wax products designed to protect and add a brilliant shine to wooden surfaces. Our most beloved product for this purpose is our beeswax furniture polish.

Cleansing, nourishing, and protecting – that’s what beeswax can do for you! Please take advantage of its excellent benefits now.

Our Beeswax Polish has been created with your wooden surfaces in mind! Not only does it do a fantastic job of cleaning wood, but it also nourishes bare wood and helps to protect it from fading due to the sun, dust, airborne pollutants, and even water damage. Keep your wooden furniture looking its best with our Beeswax Polish!

When adequately protected, you’ll notice water droplets on the wood’s surface. A great sign you need to reapply the Beeswax is when liquids don’t bead up but stay still on the surface.

The use of beeswax gives a luxurious and luxurious look to any surface!

Our all-natural Beeswax Polish gives your wood furniture an instant, beautiful shine while helping to maintain its color, condition, and value. This clear wax contains no synthetic constituents, so you can trust that it won’t alter the look of your furniture – it’s a safe, natural way to bring your treasured pieces back to life!

Applying and reapplying beeswax is a breeze!

Our beeswax polish is a soft wax that’s easier to apply than an aerosol, and it will also save you money! Make sure the surface you’re working with is dust-free, and clean the furniture with a specialist Wood Cleaner before applying.

Rub the polish onto a microfiber cloth and into the wood in the direction of the grain. Wait three to four minutes, then buff it with a fresh cloth to give it a beautiful shine. Add extra coats for extra protection if you’d like!

Wooden surfaces of all kinds are perfect for using beeswax!

Our Beeswax Polish is perfect for modern and antique wood furniture pieces and wooden veneers. It can also be used on various natural kinds of wood, such as beech, mahogany, oak, pine, teak, walnut, and yew.

Once you’ve applied the stain and oil, you can finish your project with beeswax for an extra polished look!

Our Beeswax Polish is the perfect addition to complete any wooden finish, such as Wood Stain, Wood Oils, and Wood Varnish. This will give the wood a luxurious, natural look. To bring out the color of the stain and provide extra protection, always finish off the project by applying Wood Wax or Wood Oil. This will also allow you to alter the finish to either satin or glossy.

Trusted by professionals, beeswax is a well-known formula used for centuries.

Are you looking to bring some life back to your wooden furniture?

Our Blueoxy Beeswax Polish is the perfect solution! Made from natural beeswax, it has been used successfully by our national network of technicians, professional restorers, heritage organizations, and many customers.

Give it a try today and see your furniture look as good as new!


Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Polish” is the ideal choice for preserving and protecting your wood furniture. This unique blend of Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, and Orange Oil prevents drying and cracking while helping to enhance the natural beauty and depth of the grain in both finished and unfinished woods.


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