Starting with the floor is a great way to bring beauty and charm to your home. Wooden flooring is ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere and adding an air of sophistication. Not only does it look stunning, but it can also bring a luxurious feel to your space.

Our follower recently gave her bedroom a stunning makeover with beautiful solid wood flooring. She was thrilled with how it transformed her room’s look but worried about how she’d keep it looking great.

Do you find it challenging to take care of wooden flooring?

Our guide will provide all the information to keep your wooden floors clean and sparkling!

It’s essential to keep up with daily maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly.

It’s recommended to use humidifiers regularly to help maintain the shape of wood during the changing seasons; the wood tends to shrink in summer and expand in winter, and humidifiers can help to minimize the gaps caused by these seasonal changes.

It’s best to steer clear of liquid cleaners when cleaning wooden flooring – a dry mop is a way to go!

To keep your wooden floors looking their best, it’s best to avoid using liquid cleaners.

To keep them clean and polished, dust the floor daily with a microfiber cloth.

Protect yourself and your belongings from dirt and damage by taking proactive steps!

Give your floor a weekly clean with a vacuum cleaner and a tightly squeezed mop. This will help you reach all those tricky spots in the corners and under the furniture that can be hard to get to.

For extra protection, place glue felt pads underneath furniture legs to avoid scratches on your beautiful floors. It’s a great idea to swap them out every four months or sooner if needed.

Why not brighten up your doorway with a doormat? Not only will it look great, but it’ll save you time and effort by stopping dirt from getting into your house!

Taking care of your property, in the long run, is important. It’s essential to ensure your place remains in good condition over time.

It’s recommended to give your wooden floor a polish every three to five years for a fresh new look. Polishing the floor can help to restore and revitalize its finish.

Here are some key things to remember when you’re doing this activity. Do this, don’t do that – here’s what you need to keep in mind!

If you have furry friends at home, it’s a good idea to be more careful.

Ensure their nails are trimmed regularly to prevent any scratches on the floor.

Why not add lovely rugs and carpets to keep your wooden floors looking great?

Quickly wipe up any stains with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Moving or dragging objects across your feet should be avoided to avoid any scratches.

When picking up items, put them away in the right spot.

If you’ve got sticky messes like chewing gum, use ice to harden it, then carefully scrape it off – don’t scratch it! Avoid using a vacuum beater bar, as this could damage the wood.

Also, don’t use any liquid detergents – they can ruin the floor’s finish, making it hard to maintain in the future. Never clean with water directly; opt for a damp cloth instead.

Expert insight

If you’re looking to install wood flooring in your home, it’s essential to ensure a moisture barrier, like a 0.2mm PET film and an underlay between the floor and the substrate.

This could be concrete, sand, or cement screed and will protect your floors from any potential damage caused by leftover moisture. Our BR Buildcare Team suggests this extra layer of protection!

In conclusion, here is your maintenance schedule.

Daily, sweep or mop your hardwood floors using a microfiber cloth.

Once a week, use a vacuum to remove any accumulated dust and dirt.

Use a recommended wood flooring cleaner each month to keep it looking great.

Give your flooring a polish every 3-5 years for extra shine.

And every 10 years, sand and refinish your hardwood floors for a refreshed look.






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