Bring your space to life with the final layer of freshness that comes with Blueoxy products.

Cleaning is complete once you add the perfect touch!

Cleaning your house is so rewarding when you’re done! But there’s nothing worse than lingering odors that won’t go away. Thankfully, Blueoxy Products can help freshen things up! Give them a try -they’re the perfect way to complete your cleaning routine.

It’s time to freshen up the bedroom! Why not spritz the bedding, rug, and closet with Blueoxy products for a long-lasting, delightful scent?

Our anti-odour complex formula has been dermatologically tested and is gentle on the skin. Say goodbye to foul odours!

Patented ingredients eliminate stubborn sweat, nicotine, or musty odours.

 The freshness depot capsules attach to fabric fibers to neutralize any new odours that may arise – allowing you to stay feeling fresh for longer.


When it comes to bathroom freshness, Blueoxy Products is the perfect spray for getting rid of limescale buildup and leaving a pleasant fragrance in the air after you’ve finished cleaning or using the bathroom.

OXY Technology can help you reduce limescale and remove it from surfaces!

This guard against any particles being redeposited and ensure their dissolution.

It’s simple to take away without any traces left behind.

Ecology Formulation | Green Surfactants | Polymers


Are there unpleasant kitchen odors lingering around your home, even after you’ve cleaned? Get rid of those annoying Grease & Oil Stains and enjoy the delightful scents of Blueoxy Products! The pleasant aroma will leave your kitchen smelling fresh and inviting.

Next time you clean, it will take even less time with our plant-based polymer technology!

Neutral Alkaline | Superior Grease Removal

An invisible shield is created when you clean, making it even simpler the next time you take on the task!

Our OXY PRO Formulated Technology is an additive for hard surfaces that makes first–time cleaning easy and next-time cleaning even more effortless.


Ecology benefits of our new 4-in-1 action: it prevents limescale, residue, and odours! It will help you neutralize and stop limescale from forming, eliminate residue and malodors, and make your laundry clean and safe on all fabrics. Plus, it ensures your washing machine’s vital parts are protected!

This unique Ecology formulation anti-redeposition dispersant is designed to be compatible with concentrated detergents, giving you the convenience and environmental benefits you desire.

You can expect top-notch washing performance, plus prevention of limescale buildup!

This product prevents the formation of any new limescale, stops existing limescale from growing, and even removes limescale that’s already there for good!


The living room is a busy area, so odors can start to build up. Clean up after the kids and pets, then use Blueoxy Products to spritz the carpets and the air for a pleasant, fresh scent.

To get rid of pet urine stains on small carpets, we suggest using Blueoxy Urine Buster RTU to create an odour-eliminating spray.

This spray comes pre-mixed and is ready to use right away.

Pet Safe – Pet Friendly – Non-Toxic


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