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Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner Gel – 500 ml


Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Restorer – Wax Base

Are you looking for a product to make your wooden floors look shiny and new again?

Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner!

This product will quickly and easily restore your floors’ shine while offering protection against wear.

The durable, urethane polymer blend has an exceptionally fast dry time and low satin gloss protective layer that will fill in micro scratches and evening out the appearance of your floor.

You can use it every 1-4 months to keep your feet looking their best. It also comes ready to use and removes scuffs from wooden and laminate floors, leaving only a radiant shine. So don’t wait any longer,

Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner. This product will remove scuffs from your wooden or laminate floors and leave them looking radiant. It also protects your floor and helps prevent dirt from collecting in grooves.

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Step into a World of Gleaming Floors Introducing the Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner Gel, a 500 ml masterpiece crafted to transform your wooden floors. This unique blend promises not just to clean, but to rejuvenate, offering a refreshed and gleaming look to even the dullest of floors.

Advanced Protection with a Touch of Shine Blueoxy’s advanced urethane polymer blend ensures a swift drying time, leaving behind a protective low satin gloss layer. This not only adds a touch of elegance to your floors but also offers a shield against everyday wear and tear.

Revitalize and Protect Bid farewell to micro scratches and scuffed floors. Blueoxy’s formula is designed to even out the appearance of your floor, restoring its original shine and charm. With added protection against wear, your floors will look new for years to come.

How to Use Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner Gel:

  1. Application: Using a sterile, lint-free microfiber cloth, take the required quantity of the product.
  2. Even Spread: Apply the gel evenly onto a hardwood or laminate floor, ensuring you move in a single direction for uniform coverage.
  3. Buffing: To achieve that perfect gleam, buff the surface using a clean microfiber cloth.


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