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Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner RTU Aerosol 430 ml


Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner Aerosol – Shine & Protect Wood Furniture Beeswax with Orange Oil

Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner Aerosol Pack! This furniture shiner all wood furniture to a nice shine with a pleasant fresh scent of oranges.

It conditions finished wood furniture surfaces to a beautiful glow.

This will shine and helps prevent the drying and fading of all your wood furniture, including kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, desks, paneling, and antiques. It removes surface dirt and dust without drying out or harming the wood.

Formulated with beeswax, orange oils, and conditioners, this moisturizing wood polish nourishes, protects, and revives the look of your furniture, providing a vibrant shine that looks like new.

Penetrates dry wood finishes to replenish lost oils and preserve the wood’s natural beauty.

Shines wood furniture to a glossy finish with a pleasant orange scent, conditioning finished wood surfaces for a lovely, natural radiance.

Quickly eradicates surface dirt and dust without impairing the wood.

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Rediscover the Charm of Your Furniture Introducing the Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner RTU Aerosol, a 430 ml solution that promises to breathe life back into your cherished furniture pieces. This unique blend is designed to not only shine but also condition, ensuring your furniture not only looks stunning but feels luxuriously smooth to the touch.

A Shine That’s Truly Divine Blueoxy’s formula ensures your wood furniture shines brilliantly, complemented by a pleasant fresh orange scent. Whether it’s an antique dresser or a modern coffee table, watch as every piece radiates a lustrous glow.

Gentle Yet Effective Beyond just shining, Blueoxy conditions finished wood furniture surfaces, ensuring they remain in prime condition. The formula is meticulously crafted to remove surface dirt and dust without drying out or harming the wood. Plus, with its safe composition, it’s perfect for all sealed and finished woods.

How to Use Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner:

  1. Preparation: Shake the aerosol can well for optimal performance.
  2. Application: Either spray the product onto a cloth or hold the can upright, maintaining a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface you wish to clean.
  3. Finishing Touch: Wipe away any excess polish using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, revealing a radiant and polished surface.


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