Are you looking to get a gleaming finish on your metal object

What are the benefits of polishing metal?

Metal components, such as chrome bumpers, stainless steel exhaust tips, aluminum wheels, and more, can often be found in cars. However, over time, the oxidation of these metals can cause them to lose their shine and luster. Fortunately, Blueoxy Products Heavy and Light Metal Polishes provide an easy solution to remove oxidation and restore the vibrancy of metal parts.

Which option should I select?

A helpful way to remember the distinction between Heavy Metal Polish and Light Metal Polish is that Heavy has abrasives.

On the other hand, Light does not have abrasives and instead relies on the chemical reaction between polish and metal to eliminate oxidation.

This implies that Heavy is more aggressive and thus better suited for highly oxidized metal, while Light is less aggressive and more appropriate for mildly oxidized metal.

Both metal polishes are applied in the same manner, so the following “How To” instructions apply.

Please adhere to the following steps to ensure proper procedure.


Give the polish bottle a good shake, and then add a few dime-sized dots to a microfiber applicator. Remember, a small amount of product can go a long way, so do just what is necessary when putting the product onto the applicator.


work the polish into the metal using the applicator with linear, back-and-forth strokes. Apply minimal pressure; allow the product to do the work and ensure complete metal coverage. The chemical may darken, indicating the removal of contaminants.


Wipe off any excess product with a microfiber cloth to reveal the revitalized, gleaming metal. If desired, apply a sealant or wax for added shine and protection.

It is essential to recognize these alternative approaches.

If a large metal surface needs polishing, such as the side of a large truck, a machine should be employed for the task. This will drastically save time as the machine can spread polish more quickly than could be done manually. An appropriate option for this purpose is a polishing machine with a wools pad. Follow the same steps mentioned above, but use the machine instead of a hand applicator.

This combination of a machine and a microfiber cutting pad is ideal for achieving a professional-grade finish. The combination allows for efficient and effective cutting, providing a finished result of the highest standard.

If the diamond plate requires polishing, it is best to utilize a machine equipped with a Microfiber Cutting Pad. The Microfiber Cutting Pad is an optimal choice for this purpose as it is more aggressive, allowing it to effectively remove any oxidation that may be embedded in the grooves of the diamond plate.

A ball brush and drill are a powerful combination for achieving excellent results.

For metal surfaces that are difficult to access, such as metal exhaust tips and wheels, the Ball Brush attachment for a drill can be used for polishing.

This attachment is a soft foam cone that attaches to a power drill and is ideal for polishing difficult-to-reach areas.

Apply a few dots of metal polish to the Ball Brush, activate the drill, and watch the oxidation disappear from the metal in mere moments.

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