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Blueoxy Urine Buster Odour Remover RTU 500 ml


Blueoxy Urine Buster Odor Remover Spray – Quickly and Easily Remove Urine, Blood, Faeces, and Vomit Stains

Pet urine odor eliminator that works?

Blueoxy Urine Buster Odour Remover! This powerful pet odor eliminator and stain remover breaks down urine stains and eliminates odor at the molecular level. Use this as your go-to pet odor and stain remover for all types of urine stains, old and new!

For urine stains, odor, feces, marking scent, spray paints, vomit, hairballs & more, we are experts in cleaning and removing all kinds of pet stains and odors. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to get your home looking and smelling fresh and clean again.

Easy to use – Spray on the affected area and let it work magic!

Stain removal: This pet urine remover also breaks down urine stains, making it perfect for all colors, old and new.

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Sometimes, life throws unexpected accidents our way – a pet’s innocent mistake or a toddler’s surprise. When such mishaps lead to lingering scents and stains, they can cast a shadow over our cherished spaces. Enter the Blueoxy Urine Buster Odour Remover – your trusted friend in these challenging times.

Features & Benefits

  • Vanish Unwanted Memories: With the Urine Buster Odour magic, experience powerful odor elimination as it banishes pet urine odors at their very core. Let the weight of that persistent smell lift off your shoulders as your home becomes a fragrant sanctuary once again.
  • Rescue Your Favorites: Whether it’s a treasured rug or your child’s favorite pajamas, this remover doesn’t discriminate. It compassionately breaks down urine stains, gifting a new lease of life to all shades and hues, be it vibrant, pastel, or deep.
  • A Gentle Guardian: Showcasing its versatility, the Urine Buster Odour Remover is a gentle giant, ensuring safety on every imaginable surface in your home. From the soft embrace of your bedding to the sturdy feel of tiles, it guards and rejuvenates all.

How to Use

  1. Seek & Saturate: Spot the area that’s crying out for help, and generously shower it with the Urine Buster Odour solution, extending a bit around the perimeter for thorough care.
  2. Deep Dive: For those deeply cherished carpets and plush upholstery, ensure the product seeps into every layer, soaking even the backing and padding.
  3. The Patient Pause: Let the magic unfurl. Take a moment – a 5-minute pause, allowing the solution to work its wonders.
  4. Reveal & Revel: Gently dab away with a colorfast cloth or paper towel, unveiling a refreshed and reborn surface. If a stain is being particularly tenacious, treat it to another round of the Urine Buster Odour Remover’s magic.

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