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Blueoxy Laundry Prewash Spot Remover – Your Trusted Ally Against Stains – 500 ml


Blueoxy Laundry Prewash Spot Remover Spray – Make Your Life Easier!

Are you looking for a prewash stain remover that will take care of all your laundry needs?

Blueoxy Laundry Prewash Spot Remover. This product is designed to remove all types of stains, including those caused by children. The formulation of this product is without bleach, which means it is safe to use on all colors of clothing, even black.

This RTU. This powerful spot remover can quickly and easily remove textiles’ tar, coffee, wine, grass, ink, blood and pet stains, and general dirt and soil.

This laundry prewash spot remover uses an enzyme formula to remove spots and stains from your clothes.

The enzymes break down the colors, making them easier to pull in a short wash.

Oxy Effect: The Oxy Effect feature helps to remove tough stains quickly and easily.

Before use, please test a small, unnoticeable area. Apply to the stained area and allow for five minutes of contact time before washing as usual.

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The Ultimate Guardian Against Stubborn Stains

The laundry routine has never been more effortless with the Blueoxy Laundry Prewash Spot Remover RTU 500 ml. Designed to be your trusty ally against the toughest stains, this product champions a clean and vibrant wardrobe with every use.

Tailored for Your Laundry Needs

This prewash spot remover is a powerhouse when it comes to tackling stubborn stains – be it spills, splatters, or smudges caused by children. The carefully crafted formula harbors enzymes that are unforgiving on stains yet tender on your precious garments. Free from harsh bleach, it is safe for all fabric colors, giving you peace of mind even when used on dark clothes.

Seamless Integration into Your Laundry Routine

Whether you prefer machine washing or hand washing, this spot remover integrates seamlessly into your laundry routine, promising unblemished clothes without compromising the fabric’s quality. Embark on a worry-free laundry journey where every garment emerges in pristine condition, ready to grace any occasion with a vibrant and fresh look.

How to Use

  1. Ready: Set the nozzle to the “On” position.
  2. Apply: Spray liberally on the stain, ensuring complete coverage.
  3. Treat: Allow the solution to penetrate the stain for up to five minutes, then gently rub the area to loosen the stain.
  4. Wash: Proceed to wash the item according to the care label instructions, using the warmest water recommended for the fabric.

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