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Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser RTU 500 ml


Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser – The best way to clean your kitchen

Versatile kitchen cleaner that can handle all of your cleaning needs?

Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser! This extra-strength formula is tough on oils, grease, and surface soils and can easily clean equipment, appliances, walls, and more. Plus, it’s excellent for spray and wipes applications, making it ideal for household, industrial, and institutional use.

Dissolves grease and grime – This powerful cleaner dissolves grease and dirt, leaving your surfaces clean and sparkling.

Extra-strength formula: This powerful cleaner is tough on grease, grime, and surface soils, making it perfect for cleaning countertops, appliances, floors, and more.

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Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser RTU 500 ml – Unleash the Brilliance in Your Kitchen

Master of Versatility Allow the versatility of the Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser RTU 500 ml to redefine your cleaning standards. Tailored to suit every kitchen surface including countertops, appliances, and floors, this product pledges to preserve the pristine quality of your kitchen. Step into a worry-free cleaning regime where every surface is met with care and thoroughness, offering you a kitchen that not only looks good but feels good.

Embodiment of Strength Experience the fusion of strength and precision with the extra-strength formula of Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser. This powerhouse effectively battles oils, grease, and surface soils, bestowing a refreshing sparkle to your kitchen surfaces. Ready to transform your kitchen into a haven of cleanliness and gleam? Let Blueoxy be your trusted ally in achieving a kitchen that shines with cleanliness and hygiene.

Simplified Cleaning Regimen Wave goodbye to the old and tedious cleaning procedures. The Blueoxy cleaner promises a hassle-free cleaning regimen that is not only easy but incredibly efficient. Be it in households or industrial and institutional settings, it’s the one-stop solution for a spick and span kitchen with minimal effort.

How to Use: Your Guide to a Gleaming Kitchen

  • Step 1: Ensure the nozzle is in the ‘on’ position and hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from the surface you intend to clean.
  • Step 2: Spray the cleaner generously onto the surface, letting it settle for a few minutes to dissolve grime and dirt.
  • Step 3: Use a clean, dry towel to wipe the surface, removing the loosened dirt and particles.
  • Step 4: For a polished, shiny finish, go over the area with a second clean towel.
  • Maintenance Tip: To retain the cleanliness and sparkle, repeat this process at least twice a month.

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