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Do your dishes appear spotless after a cycle in the dishwasher? Water spots and a milky film can be disheartening. If you’re experiencing such issues, utilizing a dishwasher drying agent may resolve your troubles.

Are Water Spots a Problem?

If you have never used a rinse agent, you likely observe spots on your dishes. Not only do these spots give the impression that your dishes are not clean, but they can also make you doubt whether your dishwasher is functioning correctly. If you commonly observe water spots or filmy residue on your dishes after completing a cycle, try a rinse aid before abandoning your dishwasher.

What Exactly Does a Rinse Aid Do?

A rinse aid should more accurately be called an “OXY Drying Aid” as it facilitates drying dishes. Premium rinse aids contain surfactants, which decrease the surface tension of water, resulting in the absence of droplets and spots. This is particularly helpful if hard water is present, as it prevents the accumulation of minerals.

How Do I Use a Rinse Aid?

Using a dishwasher rinse aid is straightforward. The dispenser is usually located alongside the detergent dispenser. Fill the chamber to its maximum level, close it, and run your cycle. The rinse aid will automatically be dispensed during the last rinse cycle – it couldn’t be simpler.

Are you still seeing residue on your dishes?

If you still see residue on your dishes after running them through the dishwasher, there’s no need to panic. If your dishwasher has dispenser settings, consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how to use them. If not, increase the dispenser setting if there are any lingering cloudy spots, streaks, or watermarks. If you’re noticing smears of foam, try a lower setting instead. You may need to run a few cycles to get the right rinse aid setting. Additionally, the issue may be related to detergent use rather than the rinse setting, so consider that.

How Frequently Should I Replenish the Rinse Aid?

The rinse aid dispenser must be refilled monthly when the dishwasher is used regularly. Alternatively, you can add more rinse aid as required since most machines have a window that allows you to monitor the amount in the dispenser. To get sparkling and spot-free dishes, ensure enough rinse aid is available. We hope you found this helpful advice. For more invaluable information, please visit our compilation.


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