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We are excited to introduce you to my new blog: Blueoxy Brand!

Every month, I’ll share the fascinating backstories of the brands we all adore and showcase three of their products – from best sellers to underrated gems that will surprise you with their cleaning power!

Our first featured brand is Blueoxy – an established, family-run business renowned for its stylish yet efficient products.

They hold certification from the Ecology formulation and The Vegan and Vegetarian Society.

Blueoxy’s products are proudly crafted in their purpose-built production facility in Hyderabad, South India.

Begin with Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser spray for powerful results.

Apply the product directly onto kitchen surfaces after use and allow it to sit for five minutes before wiping.

This eliminates the need for regular, deep cleaning (or maybe even removes the need for a deep cleaning!).

The Blueoxy Tap Cleaner RTU Spray is an efficient way to keep your shower doors free of limescale and buildup. Spray it directly onto your shower doors after each use, then leave it to dry.

This will reduce the frequency of deep cleaning required.

Next in the spotlight is Blueoxy Urine Buster RTU Spray, a new addition to the Homebird Family. This incredible product eliminates pet urine stains and odors, destroying 99.9% of enveloped viruses.

It has a pet-friendly fragrance featuring rose and geranium floral notes with a hint of citrus and orange blossom for a pleasant aroma without irritating delicate noses.

The above products can clean various surfaces, including kitchen surfaces, stovetops, washroom tiles, fixtures, and taps. It is also effective in eliminating limescale and odours and removing grease.

We hope you found the first Brand Spotlight enjoyable. Check every month to find out who will be highlighted next – you never know what you might discover!


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